Francisco Hernández Aguilera

Santiago, Chile


APsAptitude Points

Professional information
Ability to provide solutions for computer hardware and software problems In-depth knowledge of testing and upgrading system,possess good supervising and training skills,Ability to maintain good relationship with the all customer and stablishing technical relations with experts in differents areas.
In-depth knowledge of installation and troubleshooting of SW solution
In-depth knowledge of various network tools and applications
Ability to perform task independently under pressure,

Capacity to understand the customer needs to design solutions according world wide standards, 16 years of experience in systems, with highest level of understanding and bug tracking helping everyday to improve technologies in each field where i has been working
Good command over verbal and written communication in English and Spanish.

Companies I have worked for in:

CENCOSUD Mall Plaza S.A Grupo Alsea Micros Fidelio Hospitality Parque Arauco Tiger Resorts, Philipines

Academic credentials (2)
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