Scrum Manager logo and brand usage guidelines

We're delighted to know you like Scrum Manager. This is a quick guide to help you use our brand in an appropriate manner. If you have any questions, please contact us.

If you need to use the official logo, you can choose between the horizontal or the square version, in colour or in monochrome. These are the formats:

Colour Monocrhome
Lineal version
Square version

Usage limitations:

Everyone is allowed to use our brand and materials, with or without the logo to reference us. However, there are certain limitations that you need to keep in mind and respect, to avoid an inappropriate use that could cause confusion to other professionals. These limitations serve to clearly determine which centres are authorized to offer official training services. Only authorized centres can offer these, as they are subject to Scrum Manager's audits and quality reviews

Restricted usage:

  1. Using the brand or logo alongside the self-denomination "Academy", "Centre", "Authorized centre / academy", "Official academy / centre", and similar ones, to indicate explicitly or subtly that the organization belongs to the network of centres audited and authorized by Scrum Manager, is restricted to organizations with active official licenses only.(1)
  2. Using the brand or logo alongside the promotion of an "Official course" can only be done when the course is being offered by an official or authorized Scrum Manager centre, and the course is being taught by a Scrum Manager authorized teacher.
  3. Using the brand or logo alongside the promotion of an "Official Exam" can only be done if the exam will be supervised by the staff of an authorized or official Scrum Manager centre or an authorized teacher.

(1) Which are the requirements to become an authorized centre?
The logo and brand of Scrum Manager belong to UNCOVERING BETTER WAYS SLU