Scrum Manager® academic and professional information


They certify training for agile management of teams, projects, or organizations

Level of knowledge:

Academic level

The number correlates to the current proficiency level. It decreases overtime to stay accurate and promote constant learning.

Studied areas:

Academic credentials

Academic credentials indicate the areas covered by the training activities you have completed.

Guaranteed by:

  • Scrum Manager's development and approval of syllabi and exams.
  • Quality audits of authorized training centers and agents.


They certify a high level of competence in the performance of the certified professional activity, in addition to academic knowledge of it.

Knowledge and professional experience:

Professional credentials

Guaranteed by:

  • Verification of academic curriculum and professional activity.
  • Annual quality assessment of clients, collaborators, or students.

Yearly validation requires staying active in the certified professional activity and keeping a high score in quality reviews.