Scrum Manager® academic and professional information


They certify training for agile management of teams, projects, or organizations

Studied areas:

Academic credentials

Guaranteed by:

  • Scrum Manager's development and approval of syllabi and exams.
  • Quality audits of authorized training centers and agents.

Level of knowledge:

Academic level

Academic credentials indicate the areas covered by the training activities you have completed.
The number of PDAs reflects the amount and degree of maintenance of the training carried out.


They certify a high level of competence in the performance of the certified professional activity, in addition to academic knowledge of it.

Knowledge and professional experience:

Professional credentials

Guaranteed by:

  • Verification of academic curriculum and professional activity.
  • Annual quality assessment of clients, collaborators, or students.

Yearly validation requires staying active in the certified professional activity and keeping a high score in quality reviews.