Ricardo Araya

Santiago, Chile


Diacos Asesores


191 evaluations


Agile Leadership

This credential certifies the completion of training activities accredited by Scrum Manager that focus on agile leadership and the management of teams and projects in agile environments.

It is aimed at developing leadership, communication, and collaboration skills that enable the development and management of appropriate contexts for the self-organization and collaborative work of agile teams, focused on quality and continuous response to user feedback.


Agile leadership training focused on the effective management of teams and projects in agile and adaptive contexts. This includes developing skills in planning, coordination, decision-making, and conflict resolution, as well as applying agile project management techniques and approaches.

People & Culture

Training focused on the development and promotion of an agile culture and the empowerment of individuals in agile leadership environments. This includes understanding and applying strategies and practices to foster collaboration, innovation, continuous learning, and adaptability in agile teams and organizations.


Training for OKR-based management in agile leadership contexts. This includes understanding and applying the OKR methodology to set goals, measure progress, and align team efforts in agile and adaptive environments.

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