Scrum Manager® is the name of our certification model's trademark. That's the reason why the name appears in all official documents to certify the acquired level of knowledge after courses or exams.
Scrum Manager's certification model can certify:
1.- Knowledge in different roles or professional specializations required in agile projects and organizations. 
The certification for each specific area of knowledge is reflected in the diplomas of courses and exams, as well as in the badges that appear in the user profile, at the official record at This is only if the user has enabled their public profile. 
These sample certificates belong to our main courses: Scrum Master and Scrum Level Essentials. The third one would be an example of one of the many approved specialization courses: Product Owner, Agile programming, Agile Leadership, etc.
scrum master certificate scrum level course certificate product owner certificate 
Certificate: Scrum Master Certificate: Scrum Level Consultant Certificate: Product Owner
2.- The global level of knowledge according to Scrum Manager's Authority scale. 
All the different courses and activities submitted to Scrum Manager result in a sum of Authority Points. 
These are reflected in a level certificate by Scrum Manager, and also on the student's public profile at in case it's active.
scrum manager level
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