The professional credential of being an authorized Scrum Manager teacher grants:

  • The professional competence of its holder to teach in courses and workshops.
    A notable or outstanding level of knowledge of Scrum Manager’s core subjects.

In order to obtain the credentials for being an authorized teacher, it is necessary to send a CV to confirm one’s background as a qualified and experienced trainer, as well as having a wide knowledge of Scrum Manager’s core subjects. The Scrum Manager certification (Expert or Authority level) serves as guarantee for this purpose.

Because of the professional competence that is granted by this credential, the conditions to maintain it are as important -if not more-, as the ones required to obtain it. They serve to confirm in a pragmatic way the high professional level of its holder:

Average quality ratings: >7.

Continuous learning and update of knowledge, guaranteed by an active professional career as a trainer or through yearly research activity.

Authorized teachers can manage and mark the official certification exams of Scrum Manager in written format at training centres.

If you wish to receive more information or apply for this credential, please direct to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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