Scrum Manager's approval and certification include a number of APs(1) that reflect the academic level that has been reached and maintained by the holder of the certificate by the time it wasprinted.

Scrum Manager's certification reflects the obsolescence of knowledge with the pass of time when it is not renewed or exercised, by decreasing the amount of APs by 20% every year.

These are the activities to maintain or increase the amount of APs: 

1.- Maintaining the 150 APs that correspond to the scrum master course: Taking an exam to credit the knowledge is maintained and updated.

  • Core course I: Scrum Master, 150 APs.
  • Core course II: Scrum Level, 75 APs.

The exams can be taken at the Open Knowledge platform or in an official training centre.

  • Important: repeating an exam in less than 2 years does not add APs. 
    • In less than two years: it does not increase the evaluation level. 
    • In less than four years and more than two: it adds 50% of the fixed amount of points for that exam (it means recovering the same % lost during that period of time).
    • If the course was done more than 4 years ago, the full amount of points are added (recovering the % lost during that period of time).


2.- Maintenance or increase of APs by training or research activities. 

2.1.- Scrum Manager courses and activities for specialization and complementary education ("Type A" Activities).

Approved courses, offered by training centres of Scrum Manager. 

  • APs: The ones indicated in the descripcion of each course. 
  • How to add them to the certification: If the course is monitored and the identity of the student is checked, it grants the level of certification, regardless of whether the student had previously taken the core course.

2.2.- Other courses and complementary activities for professional training ("Type B" Activities)

Other courses and activities about agile management for projects, people or organizations (2).

  • APs:
    • On-site courses: 1 AP for each hour of course duration.
    • On-line courses: 1/3 APs for each hour of study estimated in the course's description.
  • How to add them to the certification: Through the online form in the member area at (Menu Actions > Request APs for "Type B" Activities).

Personal and professional work (posts, academic articles, publications, presentations) focused on spreading or reseaching agile management for projects, organizations or teams. 

  • APs: Assessed individually based on topic, extension, originality and rigour. 
  • How to add them to the certification: Through the online form in the member area at (Menu Actions > Request APs for "Type B" Activities).

scrum manager certification approval


(1) Authority Points.

(2) In order to request an increase of authority level, the specialization course must have been taken during the year before the request. Valid courses include those about project agile management, organization agile management, kanban, lean, and agile programming techniques. The maximum amount of APs granted for "Type B" courses and activities is 30 APs per year.

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