How to get authorized as a Training Center or Agent

License applications

For Training Centers

If you're an organization



  • To be a training or consultancy organization.
  • To stay active and receive quality ratings greater than 8/10 to maintain the license (yearly quality check).

For Training Agents

If you're a freelancer



  • To be certified as a Scrum Manager Agile Trainer.


  • To be certified as a Scrum Manager Agile Consultant.


  • To stay active and receive quality ratings greater than 8/10 to maintain the license (yearly quality check).

There is no registration cost or subscription fees.

We believe agile principles lead to quality, purposeful work

  • We want to connect with others who have a global and flexible understainding of agility, who focus on principles rather than specific methodologies.
  • We're committed to high-quality training.
  • We seek to continuously add value to people working in agile environments.

Resources for licensees

Licensees have access to our training and consultancy resources, intranet, and certification framework.


satisfied students




training centers

Core curriculum

Access to the contents, online exam platform, and certificates

Scrum Master

Agility for teams

Basic concepts to work in agile teams and perform the role of a scrum master.

Scrum Level

Agility for companies

Strategy to adapt agility to the circumstances of each company, understaing agile principles and values.

Specialization certificates

Homologation of specialization courses available by request

Management tools

  • As a Center or Agent, you'll have access to a specialized intranet to manage activities, exams and reviews, send certificates, and improve your visibility and SEO.
  • Your public profile will be in our directory, for students and companies looking for training and consulting services.
  • You'll have access to a customizable platform for online exams. The core curriculum exams are readily available, and you'll also be able to add your own exams without limit or cost.
  • You can request to get your own agility activities reviewed to issue specialization certificates. The following topics are accepted: fundamentals of agility, agile leadership, agile sales&marketing, agile scaling, agile programming, kanban, lean and product owner.