The certification of the knowledge about the "Scrum" management model is issued by private membership or commercial organizations, such as Scrum Manager, Scrum Alliance, ScrumStudy, among others.

Each certification responds to its own evaluation criteria, and they are not official diplomas of formal education systems, although the names that some organizations give to their certificates might cause confusion and offer the false appearance of official diplomas: degree, master, PhD, etc.

The certification commonly known as "Scrum Master" credits the understanding of the knowledge taught in a 16-hour course, either by attending the course or through online self-training. 

Scrum Manager's certification, at its Technician level, equals and involves the same knowledge as the well-known "Scrum Master", avoiding the "Master" denomination since it can be misleading. Scrum Manager also offers two certification levels above Technician: Expert level and Authority level.  (further information)

What does Scrum Manager certify?

apsQue Scrum Manager ha comprobrado que el titular de la certificación posee y comprende el conocimiento del modelo de gestión ágil Scrum.
La denominación Scrum Manager®, es marca registrada con registros de propiedad intelectual e industrial internacionales: EU 006113691 / ES 2.702.753 / ES 3.060.169 / AR 2.411.15
La comunidad profesional Scrum Manager está integrada por más de 20.000 profesionales (2017) y es gestionada por Iubaris Info 4 Media S.L.

Do the certifications of Scrum Manager, Scrum Alliance,, or any other, comply with any standard?

Scrum certifications do not comply with any specific international standard, such a standard only exists as a de facto reality, framed by the best agile management practices implemented and shared by the professional community. 

Scrum Manager's certification was the first scrum certification that was launched (in 2007) in order to credit the knowledge of scrum based on an exam, as an alternative of what was simply the attendance certificate to the Scrum Master course, which was misleadingly understood as a certification of professional knowledge. The appearance of Sgrum Manager's certification was a turning point, and since then scrum certifications started including an exam in order to get them.

Apart from Scrum Manager's certification, and the earlier one of the Scrum Alliance, other organizations have appeared that also train in scrum knowledge and certify it:,scaledagileacademy.comAgile Certification Institute, etc. Scrum Manager's certification is the most widespread in the Hispano-American professional community. 
Equivalence of certifications
The following table shows the equivalence by content and hours of training between the certifications issued by Scrum Alliance, Scrum Manager and for the professional profiles of Scrum Master, Product Owner and Scrum Developer.
Some references to the acknowledgements of Scrum Manager®'s certification.
Some references of its administrative and academic acknowledgements: Recognized by the Ministry of Industry of Spain for training and certification in agile project management. Expediente Avanza: TSI-010106-2011-129 in combination with the European Social Fund. Recognized and included as part of the Scrum content and certification for the training of prefessionals by the Govenrment of Aragón, Xunta de Galicia, Generalitat Valenciana (Spain). It is taught in courses and seminars of universities such as Belgrano (Córdoba, Argentina), FEUD, Uniciencia (Colombia) Alicante, Murcia or Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain).
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